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Honour Anna Mae Pictou Aquash and Harriet Nahanee / Free John Graham and Leonard Peltier

Freedom for Mumia, Leonard Peltier and John Graham! December 18, 2008

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“I lift my voice together with all the other voices from México demanding Freedom for Mumia Abu-Jamal! Freedom, as well, for Leonard Peltier and John Graham of the American Indian Movement […]”

– An open letter from Mexican political prisoner Gloria Arenas read at solidarity actions in Mexico City on December 6 in the zócal and December 9 at the U.S. embassy



“Uno mi voz a las voces que desde México exigimos ¡Libertad para Mumia Abu-Jamal! Libertad también para Leonard Peltier, y John Graham del Movimiento Indígena Americano […]”

– Mensaje de la presa política mexicana Gloria Arenas leído en acciones de solidaridad en la Ciudad de México el 6 de diciembre en el zócalo y el 9 de diciembre ante la embajada EU



“Justice for John Graham!” – AIM-West September 28, 2008

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International Day of Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples of the Western Hemisphere!

1668 Alabama Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Mobile: (415) 577-1492




Come to Commemorate October 12, 1492 as

“International Day of Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples of the Western Hemisphere!”

and 516 Years of Indigenous Peoples Resistance to Colonization in the Americas


When-Cuando: Monday/Lunes 13 October 2008

Location-Sitio: San Francisco Yerba Buena Gardens, Mission Street (btwn Third & Fourth)

Time-Tiempo: 11 am to 3 pm (clean up by 4 pm!)

Master of Ceremony and AIM host, Bill Means, Lakota Nation, Welcome All My Relatives to Turtle Island.

With Special Guest, national known comedian of the Red kind, Charlie Hill, of the Oneida Nation!

Musica by “Phoenix” and Chicano-Indio hip-rap “Brown Buffalo” also Azteca, Mexica, all Traditional Dancers welcome (Four Directions opening circle of life assemble at 11 am)

Drummers, Singers invited. Bienvenidos Toda La Raza! Somos El Mismo Rio!

The Land is your Mother! La Tierra es tu Madre! No One (Nadie!) is Illegal!

Throughout the US October 13 is celebrated as Columbus Day, when North America’s first terrorist and a symbol of racism and colonization of Indian peoples, is paraded and glorified; a pirate washed onto our shores, lost, destitute and diseased! AIM-WEST invites you to shatter the myth. We Are Still Here!

Protect Sacred Sites, Down with La Migra! Chale con el Army! Oppose the ICE and Border Wall! Free Leonard Peltier. Justice for John Graham! Release the Cuban Cinco! UNPLUG America! Demand the US sign the United Nations General Assembly “Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” adopted September 13, 2007 (except for Canada, Aotearoa-NZ-and US!!).

Procession/Walk gather at SF Fisherman’s Wharf Pier #31 immediately after return from Annual Alcatraz Sun Rise. (Tickets $11, kids under 5 free! Purchase advance http://www.alcatrazcruises.com or call 415-981-7625) Walk begins at 10 am to Mission Street on side-walk toward Yerba Buena Gardens. Or, join us at the Garden.

Call Tony Gonzales

Louie Gutierrez


The Deception of the Federal Government: AIM and the Anna Mae Aquash Case June 9, 2008

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The Deception of the Federal Government: AIM and the Anna Mae Aquash Case

WINTER 2004-2005
(Lakota Student Alliance)

…Why would AIM order a second autopsy for Anna Mae’s body, if they had ordered her death as the government claims? Perhaps AIM was trying to expose an FBI cover-up of a crime it had committed.

It is now the year 2004 and the American Indian Movement is still being investigated by the federal government. This same government has split the leadership in several factions. COINTELPRO is still being used on Indigenous peoples of this country.

AIM was tried for Anna Mae’s murder and Arlo Looking Cloud was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. An appeal is being made on the grounds that Looking Cloud was given alcohol and drugs and was under the influence at the time of the video taped confession.

In the age when DNA testing and forensic science can play key roles in solving Anna Mae’s murder, the federal government and its false judicial tactics insists upon convicting Indians as a result of hearsay and a complete lack of evidence which placed Looking Cloud and Graham as the murderers….


Anna Mae Aquash Investigation Reopened, Attempt to Keep Leonard Peltier in Prison December 31, 2007

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Anna Mae Aquash Investigation Reopened

Press Statement
November 7, 1994


For the past several months, the United States government has been engaged in an aggressive re-opening of the investigation of the 1976 murder of American Indian Movement (AIM) member Anna Mae Pictou Aquash. The investigation has taken the form of impaneling a federal grand jury in Pierre, South Dakota, and interrogating dozens of current and former AIM members across the United States, by the FBI and US Marshall Bob Ecoffey, once a member of the violently anti-AIM “GOON Squad” on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Anna Mae, a Micmaq Indian from Canada, was murdered in late 1975 or early 1976, her body discovered on February 25, 1976, about ten miles from the town of Wanblee, on Pine Ridge. Initially, federal contract coroner W.O. Brown, of Scottsbluff, Nebraska, ruled she died of “exposure” to the winter elements. After a demand by her family for an independent autopsy, the cause of her death was found to be a .38 caliber gunshot wound in the base of her skull.

Given the violent political climate on Pine Ridge at that time, centering on a severely hostile relationship between AIM and the FBI, there is substantial reason to believe the FBI was, either directly or indirectly, involved with the murder of Anna Mae Aquash. After all, during the period of her death, more than 60 other AIM members and supporters were murdered on Pine Ridge in what the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights officially described as a “reign of (political) terror.” Considerable evidence exists that the FBI was deeply involved in this ugly pattern of atrocities.

The AIM Confederation remains more interested than anyone in seeing justice done to the murderers of our sister, Anna Mae. The current investigation, however, seems especially curious and suspicious. There are many indications that the FBI is more interested in carrying out a vendetta against AIM than in achieving justice in the case.

Why, for instance, is the FBI suddenly so interested in “resolving” the Aquash case and not the scores of other unsolved murders of AIM members dating from the same period?  And why, if it is genuinely interested in finding out what happened to Anna Mae , has the FBI never bothered to interview coroner Brown or agents such as David Price, who is known to have threatened her life shortly before she was killed?

The FBI has made it clear that it has never forgotten another infamous date in 1975: June 26, the day two FBI agents and AIM member Joe Stuntz were killed in a firefight on Pine Ridge. As a result of that event, AIM member Leonard Peltier is serving two consecutive life sentences in federal prison. The AIM Confederation believes that, despite Peltier’s unjust imprisonment, the FBI’s desire for revenge will remain unsatisfied until AIM is finally and entirely destroyed.  Consequently, we believe that the present investigation, rather than seeking to find the killers of Anna Mae, is designed and intended to cast suspicion upon our leadership and to sow distrust and confusion within our movement and among its allies.

In sum, it appears that, far from seeking justice for Anna Mae, the FBI has gone back to its old COINTELPRO tactics of the 1970s, casting its net far and wide in a concerted attempt to disrupt the work of AIM and to keep Leonard Peltier in prison for th e rest of his life by suggesting that he and AIM are nothing more than “a band of thugs and killers.”  This is indicated by two recent ads in the Washington Post and Indian Country Today placed by current and past FBI agents asking President Clinton to reject a petition for clemency for Leonard Peltier.  In the ad, the FBI repeats lie after lie, in an attempt to paint Leonard as a cold-blooded killer from a murderous gang – the American Indian Movement.