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Picket action in Vancouver for John Graham, indigenous prisoner of war June 28, 2008

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Picket action in Vancouver for John Graham, indigenous prisoner of war

Coast Salish Territory, Vancouver, Canada

On June 26, 2008, the one year anniversary of indigenous warrior John Graham’s imprisonment in Vancouver and the 33 year anniversary of the Incident at Oglala, about 20 people, Native and non-Native, picketed and gave out leaflets in solidarity outside of the Ocean Plaza office tower in downtown Vancouver where, at least until recently, the Cash Minerals uranium mining company had its operations office. Banners were held up reading, “Free John Graham, Indigenous Prisoner of War”, “No Cash for Cash Minerals, Free John Graham” and “Uranium Kills, Stop Mining Native Land”. After picketing outside the office tower, the solidarity group moved up the block to smudge and say prayers for John Graham, Leonard Peltier, the people and the land, outside the United States consulate. The group also informed each other of Leonard Peltier’s urgent need for a diabetes test kit.

John Graham is a warrior of the Tutchone Nation whose territory is located in the Yukon (northwestern Canada). Cash Minerals is interested in uranium exploration right next to Graham’s home community in the Yukon. The company is also already exploring for uranium in the border area between the territory of the Northern Tutchone and Gwich’in peoples in the Yukon. Cash Minerals has had a registered office in Toronto and an operations office in Vancouver for years. There are indications they may have moved their operations office from Vancouver to Toronto. Either way, one person among their Board of Directors, Basil Botha, apparently still lives in Vancouver, while one of their advisers, Suraj Ahuja, now lives in North Vancouver (according to Cash Minerals’ website).

John Graham fought against uranium mining on Native land in Saskatchewan and British Columbia in the 1980s. In the 70s, Graham helped with security for the American Indian Movement (AIM) at the Pine Ridge reservation on the Lakota people’s territory in South Dakota.

Now Graham is charged by the FBI with killing his friend, comrade and fellow AIM warrior, Anna Mae Pictou Aquash of the Mi’kmaq people. When Aquash’s body was found at Pine Ridge in 1976 the FBI tried to cover-up her true identity and her cause of death, burying her as a Jane Doe and claiming she died of exposure. Her family and friends demanded a second autopsy that showed she had in fact been shot. At the time, an FBI-backed death squad who called themselves the GOONs had killed some 60 AIM members and traditional Lakotas on the reserve. During this time the Lakota’s sacred Black Hills were sold off to the US government for resource exploitation, with a major interest in uranium. Much water, animals and land in Lakota territory is now contaminated with uranium waste.

John Graham is currently in prison awaiting trial in South Dakota after being extradited from Vancouver in December of 2007. He was arrested in Vancouver in December of 2003 and spent 40 days in prison until he was released under house arrest to face his extradition hearings. He was taken back to prison on June 26, 2007, right before the Supreme Court of British Columbia rejected his extradition appeal.

On June 26, 1975, the FBI and their GOON squad attacked an AIM camp at Oglala, Pine Ridge, South Dakota, leading to the deaths of AIM warrior Joe Stuntz Killsright and two FBI agents. Peltier was then fraudulently extradited from Vancouver back to the United States and framed for killing the agents. One of the cops involved in the attack on the AIM camp on June 26, 1975, was Robert Ecoffey. This same cop testified against Peltier at his trial and this same cop in the 1990s became one of the lead so-called “investigators” of Aquash’s murder, seeking to frame-up John Graham and further cover-up the role of police and FBI agents in her death.

John Graham said in the 1980s:

“As a people, our philosophy is respect for all living things. We cannot agree that our resources are being ripped off from us at home. We’re stuck with the waste, we’re contaminated with the waste, and here our resources are going to kill other people in other countries. We cannot agree with that. Our own people and our way of life just does not agree with that.

Today, the uranium mining in Northern Saskatchewan, when our resources, when 99% of all this uranium is leaving the country to come to European countries or go to the United States to build up their nuclear arms. That is in total conflict with our way of life because the Indian way of life is respect and to coexist with everything that is natural.”

Our Freedom (Free John Graham and Leonard Peltier):

Graham Defense

Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee

Leonard Peltier Statement for 2008 Oglala Commemoration:

Leonard Peltier Update June 26th, 2008 – Medical Alert:


Vancouver action statement mentions John Graham June 20, 2008

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“The ‘Ministry of Public Safety’ is where people report for probation, the monitoring and restriction of life outside of prison walls. This same office was graffitied and it’s locks glued on the night that indigenous warrior John Graham was deported to South Dakota, in December 2007. He remains in prison awaiting trail, framed-up for the 1970’s murder of his friend and comrade Anna Mae Aquash.”

– Solidarity Without Borders! Vancouver Action ( June 16, 2008 )

“Le ‘Ministère de la Protection Publique’ est le lieu où les personnes se rendent auprès du juge des libertés, là où se décident les mesures restrictives de liberté hors des murs de la prison. Ce même bureau avait déjà été taggé et ses serures engluées la nuit lors de laquelle le guerrier indigène John Graham a été déporté vers le Dakota du Sud en décembre 2007. Il est toujours en détention préventive, accusé du meurtre des années 70 contre son amie et camarade Anna Mae Aquash.”

– Vancouver (Canada) : action de solidarité avec Isa et tous les autres

Graffiti on Ministry of Public Safety office in Vancouver, December 2007


Communication about action in Santa Cruz mentions John Graham and Leonard Peltier June 14, 2008

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Communication about action in Santa Cruz mentions John Graham and Leonard Peltier:

“Leonard Peltier, indigenous warrior framed for the 1975 killing of two FBI Agents who invaded in Oglala territory, serving two life sentences in prison. Despite widespread demand for his freedom, the United States persists in keeping this prisoner of war behind bars. His lawyers have again appealed his case in the Eighth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.”

“John Graham, indigenous land defender from the Yukon facing “South Dakota Justice for Indians” (aka lynch mob) this September for the 1975 murder of fellow warrior Anna Mae Pictou Aquash, which the FBI originally tried to cover up. Anna Mae’s death occured in the context of over 76 Government-sanctioned murders on Pine Ridge Reservation in the span of three years (1973 to 1976), as well as the FBI’s intensive COINTEL (counter-intelligence) Program designed to destroy native resistance. The prosecution of John Graham now is a continuation of the colonialist governments of Canada and the US attempting to turn native people against one another and accept colonial rule.”

– Justice Has Its Windows Smashed, Santa Cruz, California ( June 13, 2008 )


Fabrications alleged by our exploiters in the case against John “boy” Graham April 13, 2008

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Statement and call-out mentioning John Graham in relation to CANSEC security and weapons fair in Ottawa:

“Allies everywhere are facing exaggerated sentences for blockades (at Tyendinaga), land reclamations (at Six Nations), or even for the fabrications alleged by our exploiters (in the case against John “boy” Graham).”

– Hooligans who Hate Hierarchy, Attack on police station and fire set ( Ottawa, Canada, April 11, 2008 )



solidarity and resistance,

~ottawa anarchists~

Ottawa: Shut Down Cansec April 10


John Graham has recently been extradited to the US, Leonard Peltier met the same fate December 16, 2007

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“Along with the Green Scare victims, John Graham has recently been extradited to the US, Leonard Peltier met the same fate, and natives across Turtle Island (Tyendinaga, Six Nations, etc.) have also been subjected to conditions created by the very repressive system that Bell, Linamar, Scotiabank, CN Rail, and others reinforce through the policies they create (like the SPP) with State leaders throughout North America. These policies, which have no jurisdiction in the sovereign territories of these natives, are policed by an armed mafia of badge wearing extremists who see no injustice in their application of electrical, chemical, and lethal weapons that have injured and killed so many; but the weapons are not the problem.”
Guelph, Ontario: Hanging Up on Bell Canada! (Dec 12, 2007)


Vancouver: Probation Office Locks Glued on Night of John Graham’s Extradition December 8, 2007

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Vancouver: Probation Office Locks Glued on Night of John Graham’s Extradition – Graffiti – Dec 6
“Jails are not a solution to problems” Anna Mae Aquash, 1975

On the night of December 6, 2007, the locks of the probation office on commercial drive were glued shut and ‘FREE JOHN GRAHAM!’ was spray painted on the roof. This morning, John Graham, of the Tuchone nation, was extradited from Vancouver, Canada to South Dakota to be tried for the 30 year old murder of his friend and fellow warrior, Mi’kmaq Anna Mae Aquash.

“I am a warrior. I was a warrior when I went to south Dakota the first time and I’ll be a warrior this time if I have to go to south Dakota”- John Graham, June 26, 2007, before going into custody.

John reported to the probation office every week under house arrest for the last few years .

John took part in resistance to land exploitation, specifically to uranium mining and exploration. In the 70’s John went to South Dakota to learn about the survival schools, teaching Indian people about Indian ways in a modern context. This is where he met Anna Mae. In 1980 John helped set up a survival camp named after Anna Mae on the Key Lake mine road in northern Saskatchewan to build resistance to uranium interest in the area. The Key Lake mine later became the worlds largest uranium mine.

On June 26th, 1975, an eighth of the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota was signed over to the US government, so it could pursue it’s valuable uranium interests. The same day Joe Stuntz, a Lakota, and two FBI agents died in a shoot out at an American Indian Movement elders protection camp on Pine Ridge, for what Leonard Peltier has served over 32 years of hard time for.

John is facing life in prison as a hostage of the US government. Anna Mae once said, “I am not a citizen of the United States, nor a ward of the Canadian government.” Neither is John.

The imprisonment of John Graham is part of hundreds of years of colonization and ongoing warfare against indigenous people and against others who engage in an ongoing struggle for autonomy and resistance to the interests of capital. “The FBI today is yesterdays cavalry, is yesterdays Custer…no different.”- John Graham

Carry on the struggle for the land and for freedom!

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More info on Uranium:

Cash Minerals drilling 100’s of holes in John’s territory, just outside of Champagne, Yukon.

Testing for uranium, and exposing the radioactive radon gases. After exploration comes mining, refinement, tailings (the radioactive waste leftover), coal fires reactors, and nuclear ‘accidents’ like Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania; mass irradiation.

Nuclear energy is anything but clean. The irreversible effects of uranium mining contaminate water, air, animals and plants. The radiation travels on the wind and in ground water. The uranium market is heating up again.

The moratorium of the 80’s is long over. Uranium exploration is happening right now in BC. There has never before been a uranium mine in BC.

Some info on http://www.uraniumfreebc.org

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