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Trial of John Graham: Reports From Rapid (Nov. 30) December 8, 2010

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Trial of John Graham: Reports From Rapid (Nov. 30)


by Free John Graham_info

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

RAPID CITY — Today, the jury selection process wrapped up for the trial of Tuchone native, John Graham. In court, Graham appeared calm, alert and in good spirits.
Contrary to some news articles, the final decision has not yet been made as to whether or not former AIM member Richard Marshall will be required to testify during the trial of John Graham.

Richard Marshall had been charged with providing the gun which killed Anna Mae Aquash. He was acquitted in a jury trial earlier this year. Marshall has said he would exercise his Fifth Amendment right not to testify.

The hearing regarding Marshall’s testimony is scheduled for 8:30am tomorrow. Judge Jack Delaney said in court today he would make the ruling then. Opening statements are to begin at 9:30am. The first witness is expected to testify during the afternoon session.
To receive email updates during the next few weeks of trial contact: freejohngraham_info@riseup.net

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One Response to “Trial of John Graham: Reports From Rapid (Nov. 30)”

  1. Hazel Bonner Says:

    You know that John Graham was convicted on December 10. What a horror that was. I sat through the entire trial and sadly his defense counsel John Murphy called no witnesses. At least 3 should have been called including John Himself. There was obviously a hung jury but they were ordered to go back in by Judge Delaney and within 15 minutes the holdouts must haver caved and they came back in with a conviction. i will be there at his sentencing and he will get life and life in prison in SD is life without parole. Although at the time of the crime they claimed, without evidence, that he committed there was parole in SD. Hope Murphy at least argues for that and does a dynamite appeal, though I have little faith in the SD Supremes. I wrote a column about this and am so sad about it.

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