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Urgent Appeal to All Friends and Supporters of Tuchone Warrior John Graham November 26, 2010

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Urgent Appeal to All Friends and Supporters of Tuchone Warrior John Graham

John and his co-defendant, Thelma Rios, are scheduled to face trial on November the 29th

by grahamdefense.org

Urgent Appeal to All Friends and Supporters of Tuchone Warrior John Graham

Organize fundraising benefits, make a personal contribution, request donations from your friends, family, union, community group, organization, etcetra by clicking here:  www.grahamdefense.org/contribute.htm

As many have heard, John Graham is currently jailed in Rapid City, South Dakota. They are trying to put him away for life with the charge of killing his friend and comrade from in American Indian Movement, Anna Mae Aquash. While the only real evidence in this murder (along with at least 66 other murders of indigenous people in S. Dakota during 1973-76) points to the U.S. Government and the paramilitary forces they funded and equipped.

John and his co-defendant, Thelma Rios, are scheduled to face trial on November the 29th, 2010 and his legal bill is estimated around $50,000! Donations and fundraising events are urgently needed and greatly appreciated.

The U.S. government is trying to cover up their brutal repression of the American Indian Movement in the 70’s with the frame up of John Graham and other native warriors. He has spent over two years behind bars in S. Dakota after he was under house arrest for around four years during extradition hearings in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. This is a direct result of his refusal to cooperate with the F.B.I.

It is in this hour of need that we make this urgent appeal to dig deep and show your support for a man who has contributed so much over the years in the struggle for a better world. Who has stayed true, refusing to sell out in the face of heavy state intimidation.

The recent acquittal of John’s former co-defendant, Richard Marshall (see links below) demonstrates the weakness of the F.B.I.’s case and shows that now more than ever is the time to step up this fight.

Further educate yourself and others about this case and do what you can to help return John Graham to his family, friends an loved ones.

John Graham/Richard Marshal Update

‘Free John Graham’ Zine

Lee Maracle’s Support letter for John

John Graham Defense Committee

Write a Letter!
John Graham / Pennington County Jail / 307 St. Joseph Street / Rapid City, SD 57701 / USA


Sun, 10/17/2010 – 01:12 — CGraham (not verified) 

loyal supporters

I think a little respect for John Graham’s supporters is needed here. They work hard to spread the word of truth for JG and that should always be acknowledge. Its all in good faith and intentions are meant well. Thank you.

Sun, 10/17/2010 – 23:04 — Naneek Graham (not verified) 

If interested in sending

If interested in sending money people can send their donations to help  with phone calls and commissary that John needs. You can send a cheque made out to Naneek Graham at

1424 Commerical Drive, Box 21616 Vancouver, BC V5L 3X0

or you can go to www. grahamdefense.org website and make donation using paypal.

Again, your financial contribution is a very important and all will go to everyday living expenses, commissary and such.

With solidarity and thanks,


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