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Prosecutors drop federal charges against John Graham, but state charges remain February 8, 2010

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Prosecutors drop federal charges against John Graham, but state charges remain

Federal prosecutors waited until the last minute, a February 3 deadline, to file a motion requesting the dismissal of the federal charges against John Graham, saying it would serve the best interests of justice. Judge Lawrence Piersol granted the motion, but Graham still faces newer state charges and a trial date of July 6, 2010. According to the corporate press, Graham’s co-accused Thelma Rios has had her case seperated from Graham’s and will have a different trial with a different judge. She is out on bond.

Richard Marshall, formerly Graham’s co-accused on the federal charges, is still expected to go to trial on February 16.

Graham’s lawyer in the federal case, John Murphy, who hasn’t been appointed yet as Graham’s state lawyer, had this to say in the corporate press:

“Twice before, charges brought by the government were dismissed. Twice before, the government waited until the last possible moment to appeal those dismissals. The government lost both appeals[…] After losing both appeals, the government waited for months before asking the Court of Appeals to reconsider its prior rulings. The Court refused to reconsider its prior rulings.”

Court documents: