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The Deception of the Federal Government: AIM and the Anna Mae Aquash Case June 9, 2008

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The Deception of the Federal Government: AIM and the Anna Mae Aquash Case

WINTER 2004-2005
(Lakota Student Alliance)

…Why would AIM order a second autopsy for Anna Mae’s body, if they had ordered her death as the government claims? Perhaps AIM was trying to expose an FBI cover-up of a crime it had committed.

It is now the year 2004 and the American Indian Movement is still being investigated by the federal government. This same government has split the leadership in several factions. COINTELPRO is still being used on Indigenous peoples of this country.

AIM was tried for Anna Mae’s murder and Arlo Looking Cloud was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. An appeal is being made on the grounds that Looking Cloud was given alcohol and drugs and was under the influence at the time of the video taped confession.

In the age when DNA testing and forensic science can play key roles in solving Anna Mae’s murder, the federal government and its false judicial tactics insists upon convicting Indians as a result of hearsay and a complete lack of evidence which placed Looking Cloud and Graham as the murderers….


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