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Vancouver: Probation Office Locks Glued on Night of John Graham’s Extradition December 8, 2007

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Vancouver: Probation Office Locks Glued on Night of John Graham’s Extradition – Graffiti – Dec 6
“Jails are not a solution to problems” Anna Mae Aquash, 1975

On the night of December 6, 2007, the locks of the probation office on commercial drive were glued shut and ‘FREE JOHN GRAHAM!’ was spray painted on the roof. This morning, John Graham, of the Tuchone nation, was extradited from Vancouver, Canada to South Dakota to be tried for the 30 year old murder of his friend and fellow warrior, Mi’kmaq Anna Mae Aquash.

“I am a warrior. I was a warrior when I went to south Dakota the first time and I’ll be a warrior this time if I have to go to south Dakota”- John Graham, June 26, 2007, before going into custody.

John reported to the probation office every week under house arrest for the last few years .

John took part in resistance to land exploitation, specifically to uranium mining and exploration. In the 70’s John went to South Dakota to learn about the survival schools, teaching Indian people about Indian ways in a modern context. This is where he met Anna Mae. In 1980 John helped set up a survival camp named after Anna Mae on the Key Lake mine road in northern Saskatchewan to build resistance to uranium interest in the area. The Key Lake mine later became the worlds largest uranium mine.

On June 26th, 1975, an eighth of the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota was signed over to the US government, so it could pursue it’s valuable uranium interests. The same day Joe Stuntz, a Lakota, and two FBI agents died in a shoot out at an American Indian Movement elders protection camp on Pine Ridge, for what Leonard Peltier has served over 32 years of hard time for.

John is facing life in prison as a hostage of the US government. Anna Mae once said, “I am not a citizen of the United States, nor a ward of the Canadian government.” Neither is John.

The imprisonment of John Graham is part of hundreds of years of colonization and ongoing warfare against indigenous people and against others who engage in an ongoing struggle for autonomy and resistance to the interests of capital. “The FBI today is yesterdays cavalry, is yesterdays Custer…no different.”- John Graham

Carry on the struggle for the land and for freedom!

info about John at:


More info on Uranium:

Cash Minerals drilling 100’s of holes in John’s territory, just outside of Champagne, Yukon.

Testing for uranium, and exposing the radioactive radon gases. After exploration comes mining, refinement, tailings (the radioactive waste leftover), coal fires reactors, and nuclear ‘accidents’ like Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania; mass irradiation.

Nuclear energy is anything but clean. The irreversible effects of uranium mining contaminate water, air, animals and plants. The radiation travels on the wind and in ground water. The uranium market is heating up again.

The moratorium of the 80’s is long over. Uranium exploration is happening right now in BC. There has never before been a uranium mine in BC.

Some info on http://www.uraniumfreebc.org

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Saturday, December 08, 2007]


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