Our Freedom

Honour Anna Mae Pictou Aquash and Harriet Nahanee / Free John Graham and Leonard Peltier

Struggle for The Land: Resistance & Repression October 10, 2007

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*In celebration of our 15th Year Anniversary*
*/Le Frigo Vert presents:/*

_*Struggle for The Land: Resistance & Repression *_
_*In Support of the Mohawks of Tyendinaga & John Graham from AIM*_

October 18th – 7pm*

Native Friendship Center
Montreal (2001 St. Laurent Blvd, Metro St. Laurent)

*Guest Speaker: Billie Pierre*, from Vancouver’s Native Youth Movement, and John Graham Defense Committee will explain why they are absolutely convinced of John’s innocence and believe this charge to be a continuation of a travesty of justice which has endured since the 1970s. She will be showing the film “Our Sacred History and white man lies”


*Film: Our Sacred History and white man lies*

This documentary is about the history of the American Indian Movement’s role in supporting the Traditional Lakota People on Pine Ridge reservation, during the 70’s US funded campaign to repress the people in order to implement uranium development on reservation, in their Sacred Black Hills. The repression continues today, notably in the corrupt murder investigation of AIM leader Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash. This documentary reveals the history and background of the many pawns, and players that are setting up former AIM members for her murder.

*Guest Speaker Kahehti:io* is from Kahnawake, and has been actively involved in several resistance struggles from Six Nations to Tyendinaga. He will be talking about Tyendinaga’s ongoing struggle to reclaim their lands, rebuild their culture, and why Shawn Brant was denied bail for 57 days, still faces 9 criminal charges and a multi-million dollar lawsuit
from CN and VIA Rail.

*Film: Mohawk Smokes (12min)*
by Audrey Huntley and Folkard Fritz

Shot over a period of 8 months, this short film captures a vision of sovereignty as practiced in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. The film follows Shawn Brant, a local business leader who finances the building of a longhouse and the return to traditional government through the sale of cigarettes. Unique access to the community and exceptional cinematography captivate as viewers achieve a glimpse of hope and rejuvenation.

Co-Organized with: Solidarity Across Borders, No One Is Illegal, Block the Empire, Tadamon, Pointe Libertaire, Liberterre, Rue Brique

*An Extra-Special “Anti-Colonial Thanksgiving” Series!*
*October 11th, 18th, 25th & November 1st @ the Native Friendship Center,


Nov 7th: Free John Graham

A film detailing the struggle of the American Indian Movement and addressing the struggle of John Graham to clear his name in the FBI cover-up of the murder Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash, an indigenous warrior woman at Pine Ridge Reservation in the 1970’s.;a film by Billie Pierre, Native Youth Movement OG.

Sponsored by:
Common Cause (Sudbury)
Sudbury Against War and Occupation (SAWO)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007
6:45pm – 10:00pm
St. Andrew’s Place 4th floor McNaughton Room
111 Larch Street
Sudbury, ON

Sudbury Against War and Occupation (SAWO)


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