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Update from the John Graham Defense Committee September 29, 2007

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Update from the John Graham Defense Committee, Sept. 21, 2007
by John’s daughters Naneek and Chusia

We are very grateful for all the support that has been shown recently and want to thank everyone. The letter writing campaign to the Supreme Court Chief Justice of Canada has been especially important.   Please, those of you that have not yet written letters to request our dad’s appeal be heard before the Supreme Court, visit http://www.grahamdefense.org/letter_campaign.htm for addresses of the government officials, and write as soon as you can.

The decision on the appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada could be made as early as the end of September, though it could take several months.

Please write and ask that  the Canadian government not hide behind intergovernmental procedures but respect the spirit of the law.  Canada is not upholding our dad’s rights, and thus it is not upholding the rights of all Canadians.

Our dad’s rights have been violated since the beginning when the FBI tried three times to coerce him into lying to back their theory that AIM executed Anna Mae. In fact, he was threatened by the FBI.  This is a serious violation of our dad’s rights.  Press conferences were held on the steps of the FBI building calling him a murderer, news articles regurgitated the state’s “evidence” and websites slandered his name and reputation, all before any trial or indictment.

Our dad was placed under house arrest. He was not allowed to work (his employer wrote the court attesting to his character and offering him work at any time). He could not apply for financial assistance and was not allowed to be present during court hearings.

Our dad is not allowed to wait for the Supreme Court decision at home.  Regardless of the countless letters about his character, his history of compliance with court orders and the fact that the USA has shown no evidence against him, he is incarcerated while waiting to hear if the Supreme Court will hear his case.  He is alone, far from friends and family, enduring confinement, bad food, loud TV day and night, phone calls being cut off, little access to fresh air and the burden of an uncertain future.

If the Canadian government agrees to extradite our dad  it will be allowing the USA to undermine our Charter of Rights. The concept of innocent until proven guilty does not apply to our dad because of an Extradition Act that does not protect Canadians.

In 1999 Canada changed its Extradition Act to reinforce the USA’s security measures.  Even though mistakes have been made in the past the USA now does not need evidence to extradite a Canadian.  Canadian courts will not/cannot scrutinize evidence.  In light of the case of the illegal extradition of Leonard Peltier (50 Canadian MPs submitted an amicus curiae on his behalf recognizing that a grave mistake had been made and he had been illegally extradited), and the recent treatment of Maher Arar, it is astounding that no evidence is required to extradite a Canadian.

The same law enforcement officials who sought Peltier’s extradition are now seeking our dad’s extradition. Canadian courts have been shown that the evidence presented by the USA is so severely lacking that it wouldn’t be enough to lay a charge in Canada.


Fund raising for our dad’s legal defense continues. A gold bracelet is being raffled (donated by Chusia). Only 600 Tickets were printed, and the draw date of September 28, 2007 is rapidly approaching. It is a woman’s two-inch, Native art, gold bracelet, worth CDN$2000. Photos of the bracelet are at: http://www.grahamdefense.org/contribute.htm.

Tickets are CDN$5.00 each. At http://www.grahamdefense.org, payment can be made by credit card or PayPal. Cheques or money orders should be made out to Fran Asp, 15 Firth Road, Whitehorse, Yukon,  Y1A 4R5  Canada.. Fran is our dad’s sister and the Secretary Treasurer of The Defense Committee. Be sure to write ‘Gold bracelet raffle’ on your cheque or money order.

In Europe, money may also be sent to the Swedish postal bank account postgiro 25 27 10 – 9. Be sure to note that the money is for ‘Gold bracelet raffle’ or ‘John Graham.’ Raffle tickets cost 3.50 Euros, or 32.50 Swedish crowns each.

Support John Graham T-shirts will be sent if requested for all donations of at least CDN$50 (35 Euros, or 325 Swedish crowns). A photo of the T-shirt is at

Once again, thank you everyone for your support.

Naneek and Chusia Graham.

John Graham Defense Committee
E-mail: info[at]grahamdefense.org
Website: www.grahamdefense.org


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