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BC Supreme Court Dismisses John Graham’s Appeal June 26, 2007

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Update June 26, 2007: The BC Supreme Court dismissed John’s appeal, his bail has been revoked, and he is being kept in jail. There is now a 30 day appeal period.

[Source: John Graham Defense Committee]


One Response to “BC Supreme Court Dismisses John Graham’s Appeal”

  1. maureen Says:

    I was in the court during the hearings, the appeal, and the decision today. It seems to me there was never any intention other than to send John to South Dakota. The intention all along was to comply with the wishes of the U.S. government, and frame another indiginous man. They went through the motions to make it appear that they were meteing out “justice”. There is not justice in the corridors of the courts when it concerns NDNz. Not having read the entire transcript of the decision today, but only having read a couple of pertinent paragraphs, it was stated by the “supreme” court judges of the b.c. appeal court, that while they recognize “heresay” (ie: the rants of John Trudell) would not be allowed here, it is allowed in the u.s., and our extradition act does not distinguish between the two interpretations of “evidence” – defacto exradite. Is anyone concerned that there will be other Leonard’s and John’s to walk into our courtrooms to face the same systemic racisim which goes unchallenged by the government of Kanata? I have wondered from the very beginning of this fiasco why they picked an indigenous canadian, and not an indigenous amerikan (environmental activism aside), and concluded today that it was because the us knew with absolute certainty that we would do the bidding for the regime down south. where are we going to go from here? when are we going to stand up and demand the right to a “fair” hearing? How about our right to autonomy as kanadians, and the right of indigenous people to be tried in their courts, by their laws and their elders and peers.

    We have a lot of work ahead folks. And you can contact me via email if you wish mfbourke@yahoo.ca.


    (john’s friend)

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