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Pressure For Investigation of FBI June 18, 2007

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Excerpts from article “Canadian woman killed in U.S., Bid to have Indian’s death probed fail” from the Globe and Mail, May 14, 1976″:

Efforts to have the Canadian Government request an investigation into the handling of the case of a murdered Canadian Indian in the United States have so far been unsuccessful, Gloria George, president of the Native Council of Canada, said yesterday.

The Native Council and five other Canadian organizations have been pressing the External Affairs Department to ask Washington for a probe into the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s handling of an autopsy and investigation into the death of Anna Mae Aquash, a Micmac from Antigonish, N.S.

Miss Aquash, belived to be 25 was found dead Feb. 24 by a rancher on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, the scene of the 1973 Indian occupation of Wounded Knee and the subsequent slaying of two FBI agents last June.

During an autopsy under the supervision of the FBI, Miss Aquash’s hands were severed and sent away for fingerprints and cause of death was listed as exposure although an autopsy conducted at the insistence of friends turned up a bullet in her head.

Miss Aquash was a close friend of Dennis Banks, a leader of the American Indian Movement, who is being sought by U.S. authorities in the slaying of the two FBI agents on the Pine Ridge reservation.

Mrs. George said pressure for an investigation came because some people at Wounded Knee think she [Aquash] may have been killed by FBI agents or Bureau of Indian Affairs police because of her involvement with AIM members.

[…] Duke Redbird, vice president of the Native Council said that Canadian groups are upset at the “discrepancy in reported causes of death, the mutilation of her body and the disrespect shown her family, who were not informed of her death for nine days.” […]


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