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Honour Anna Mae Pictou Aquash and Harriet Nahanee / Free John Graham and Leonard Peltier

Native Resistance is Considered Criminal May 23, 2007

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“Indian people are being attacked and murdered on our reservations… yet no one is being called a criminal in the courts for the commission of these crimes.

“White society is responsible for the mercury dumped into lakes in Eastern Canada out of which come the fish our Ojibway brothers and sisters must eat to live.

“Yet, if we eat the fish we will die. The courts have not yet named the criminal who has dumped this mercury. But I know that the criminal is white society.

“When colonial white society invades and occupies our territories, these are not called criminal acts. But when the native people stand up and resist, these acts are considered criminal.”

– Leonard Peltier, Warrior of the Ojibway and Lakota nations and the American Indian Movement

[Quote from Leonard Peltier’s statement to the BC Supreme Court in his defense against extradition to the USA, published in the Vancouver Sun, May 14, 1976, “Peltier defence a plea for all Indians”]


Leonard Peltier being extradited from Vancouver, Canada, to the USA, December 1976


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