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Honour Anna Mae Pictou Aquash and Harriet Nahanee / Free John Graham and Leonard Peltier

If I Don’t Cooperate May 23, 2007

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I remember Dave Price and Bill Wood, the two FBI agents, telling me about Anna Mae Aquash. Dave described her body to me. He said from what he had heard she had been burnt and her clothes put back on her and that after her clothes were put back on she was shot… he showed me pictures of the body and said that if I don’t cooperate this is what may happen to me… the two FBI agents constantly reminded me of what happened to Anna Mae Aquash. And every so often the FBI agents showed me pictures of Anna Mae Aquash’s body and I was really scared… Bill Wood said that all the way along he knew that the body found on Pine Ridge was Anna Mae’s body but that he had had her hands severed from her body and sent to Washington for identification and to verify his own observations.

– Myrtle Poor Bear

[Quote from May 11, 1977 affidavit of Myrtle Poor Bear stating that her previous affidavits against Leonard Peltier were false and signed under duress as a result of FBI coercion and intimidation]


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