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Honour Anna Mae Pictou Aquash and Harriet Nahanee / Free John Graham and Leonard Peltier

No Justice, No Peace May 24, 2007

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“No justice, no peace. We are still here. We exist. We fight.”

– Harriet Nahanee, elder-warrior of the Pacheedaht/Nuu-chah-nulth Nation (also married into the Squamish Nation) and supporter of John Graham and Leonard Peltier, during a demonstration outside the Supreme Court in Vancouver after Graham’s extradition was approved, February 21, 2005

Quote from CBC news videos “Wanted man faces extradition to U.S.” and “Suspected killer of Pictou-Aquash should be extradited: court”


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Outside the courthouse, Vancouver, Feb. 21, 2005, Photo: Joni Miller
Centre: Elder-warrior Harriet Nahanee and Chief Te Kapilano of the Squamish Nation

Harriet Nahanee arrested, Eagleridge Bluffs, May 25, 2006
Photo: Christopher Grabowski


NYM Statement About Harriet Nahanee

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NYM press release March 2007

unceded Coast Salish Territory

March 30, 2007

Harriet Nahanee, a 73 year old Pacheedaht Grandmother, Elder, and Warrior passed away on February 24, 2007, in the manner that she lived her life. Standing strong defending Our Land and Our People. She died from pneumonia and undiagnosed lung cancer after serving 2 weeks in prison for her part in the 2006 blockade to defend Eagle Bluff, from the expansion of the Sea to Sky Highway, on her husband’s Skwxwu7mesh territory. The highway expansion is a key development project for the corrupt Vancouver/Whistler 2010 Winter Olympics.

In her lifetime, Harriet Nahanee was a loyal, supporter of AIM Warrior, Leonard Peltier, who was extradited from Vancouver in 1976, and convicted of the murder of 2 FBI agents. AIM had been actively supportive in the Lakota struggle to defend their communities in Pine Ridge from the FBI instigated war for the uranium in the Sacred Black Hills. The 2 FBI agents died in 1975 in a gunfight they started against an AIM family style camp. Since Leonard Peltier’s conviction, the truth has come out that the FBI fabricated testimony and evidence to extradite and convict Leonard Peltier of these murders.

Today, the FBI is attempting to pin Anna Mae’s murder on her trusted friend and comrade, former AIM member and Warrior John Graham. When Anna Mae’s body was found, the FBI attempted to cover-up her murder, but failed when a 2nd independent autopsy made the discovery of a bullet lodged in her head. Since that time, the FBI has worked hard over the years to pin Anna Mae’s murder on her own organization, AIM.

Since John Graham’s arrest in Vancouver in December 2003, for the 1st degree murder of Anna Mae, Harriet Nahanee, has stood by John through his 4 years of living under house arrest, and through his 2005 Extradition hearing that was approved. During Harriet’s last days in the hospital before she passed away, her close friend Jennifer Wade of Amnesty International visited her. Her last words to Jennifer were about her biggest concerns. First she brought up her 78 year old Eagle Bluff Comrade Betty Krawczyk, who is currently serving a 9-15 month sentence for her part in the blockade. Then Harriet brought up John Graham and his May 17, 2007 extradition appeal. Jennifer Wade reassured her that John’s loved ones, his supporters, and his lawyers would work hard to fight John’s extradition.

On behalf of Harriet Nahanee, a strong Pacheedaht Elder, who has passed away standing up for Our People, we ask that people look at the facts in this murder case, and to stand strong beside John Graham. This murder case has nothing to do with delivering justice for Anna Mae, and is only a part of the FBI smear campaign that is set out to destroy any pride Natives may have about the contributions made to Our People by the American Indian Movement.

All My Relations.

Vancouver Native Youth Movement.



The Agents Are Always Talking About Anna Mae

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Case Number CR77-3003

(Note: The court never permitted a jury to hear this testimony)


MR. TAIKEFF: Myrtle Poor Bear.
MYRTLE POOR BEAR, being first duly sworn on the sacred pipe, testified as follows:
MR. TAIKEFF: May I inquire, Your Honor?
THE COURT: You may inquire.

Q: Last night did you tell me you were frightened?
A: Yes, I did.
Q: What were you frightened of?
A: I don’t know. I am scared of the Government.
THE COURT: What was her answer?
MR. TAIKEFF: I don’t know. I am scared of the Government.
Q (By Mr. Taikeff): Did anyone from the Government ever say anything to you to make you afraid?
A: The agents are always talking about Anna Mae.
Q: What did they say about Anna Mae?
A: Oh, they just would talk about that time she died.
Q” What did they say about it? You can tell the Judge, it is all right.
(Counsel confer.)
MR. TAIKEFF: May counsel approach your Honor?
THE COURT: You may.
(Whereupon, the following proceedings were had at the bench:)
MR. TAIKEFF: Your Honor, I would ask that your Honor briefly advise her that she is under oath and that you want to hear what she has to say providing it is the truth, and that she has nothing to fear by telling the truth.
She is very frightened, your Honor. She told me last night she is afraid that she is going to be killed, and that’s why she is so upset at this particular moment.
MR. CROOKS: Yes, I suspect that she is afraid she is going to be killed. It sure isn’t from the FBI.
Your Honor, I would object at the bench to going into anything concerning Anna Mae Aquash for the reasons — even on the offer of proof — it has no relevance or bearing to this matter whatsoever. I have no idea what she is going to say, but I think it is completely immaterial and I don’t see that there is any justification for going into that in any shape or form.
MR. TAIKEFF: Well, it influenced her conduct in the past in connection with this matter. I think it is highly relevant.
MR. LOWE: The FBI used it as a direct threat to her.
MR. CROOKS: I would ask counsel to state, first of all, what they intend to elicit on that. They certainly know what she is going to say.
MR. TAIKEFF: I will tell you what she told me last night. At first she refused to speak to me on the way back from the airport. Mr. Engelstein was a witness to all that went on, and finally she told me that the reason she didn’t want to talk is that she was afraid she was going to be killed; and I asked her, “Who are you afraid of?” and she said, “The agents,” and I said, “Why are you afraid of the agents?” and she said that they told her that they were going to do the same thing to her that happened to Anna Mae Aquash.
MR. CROOKS: This is so preposterous, your Honor, This is the same statement that counsel made in court two or three days ago that was supposed to have been made by the witness, and now he tells us it was said last night.
MR. TAIKEFF: That was based on what her sister told us. Her sister told us she was hiding away and that she was petrified, afraid of the agents.
MR. CROOKS: Your Honor, this is why the United States has been objecting to this matter going before the jury in any manner, shape or form.
MR. CROOKS: As far as I am concerned, the Anna Mae {4605} Aquash matter should not be inquired into in any manner, shape or form, it had nothing to do with this case or even these proceedings; and I think it is grossly prejudicial. I would assume that counsel is speaking for the galleries, not for the Court, because it has no relevance to even these proceedings.
MR. TAIKEFF: You can make that assumption. I am telling you that. According to what she has to say, that is what in part influenced her earlier conduct in connection with this matter. She volunteered that fact to me.

Q: Did the FBI ever give you any money?
A: Yes, they did.
Q: How much and when?
A: I don’t remember, That time I was going to Iowa.
Q: That was for your travel expenses?
A: Right.

Q: Did the agents ever talk to you about the possibility of your going to jail?
A: Yes, they did.
Q: What did they say about that?
A: (No response.)
Q: Please tell the judge what they said about that.
A: They said that I could go to jail for court conspiracy.
Q: Did they say what kind of conspiracy?
A: No, they didn’t.
Q: Did they say how long you could go to jail for?
A: About fifteen years.
Q: Anybody from the FBI ever talk to you about AIM or the American Indian Movement?
A: Yes. The agents did.
Q: What did they tell you about the American Indian Movement?
A: They told me that they were going to kill me.

Q: Did Mr. Wood ever say anything about the subject of getting away with killing people?
A: I think he did.
Q: Do you recall what he said?
A: He said that they could get away with killing because they were agents.
Q: Did this have anything to do with signing the papers?
A: I don’t know.

[1977, Fargo, North Dakota]


Wolverine’s Letter in Support of John Graham May 23, 2007

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Letter from Wolverine, Secwepemc Elder, Secwepemc Nation, south-central British Columbia, Canada

Sunday, February 6th, 2005

On February 21, 2005, Judge Elizabeth Bennet will make her decision on the extradition of John Graham who is charged by the U.S. government for the murder of Anne Mae Aquash.

I endorse the John Graham Defence campaign and encourage everyone to help out in any way they can.

The United States is responsible for the murder of 67 of our people in Pine Ridge, including Anne Mae Aquash.

These people might still be alive today if not for the U.S. government’s programme of harassment and assassination against our people who were fighting for their lives and land.

On February 6, 1976, Leonard Peltier was arrested for extradition to the U.S. on charges for the deaths of two FBI agents at Jumping Bull Ranch on June 26, 1975.

The day of Jumping Bull shoot-out, 1/8th of the Pine Ridge Reservation was signed over for uranium exploration and extraction on 133,000 acres of land.

This struggle continues today. John Graham was active in fighting uranium mining in South Dakota, Saskatchewan, and B.C. for ten years.

Our people in the trenches should not be handed over to our enemies.


[Wolverine was also a prisoner of war because of his role as one of the Ts’peten, Gustafsen Lake, defenders during the 1995 armed defense of a Sun Dance camp that was put under siege by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police]


Wolverine being released from prison in 1999


Secwepemc NYM Support for John Graham

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Secwepemc NYM Announces Official Support for John Graham

Unceded Secwepemc Territory, nymcommunications(at)hotmail.com

February 20, 2005

Secwepemc Native Youth Movement stands with our Brother John Graham.

Secwepemc NYM believes that no Indian should be forced into the white man’s courts or prisons. The white man has come here to our Land and invaded every aspect of our lives. They have waged war on us and that has forced us to fight back and resist their invasion and forced assimilation. When we fight for the freedom of our People we have always been criminalized and thrown in their prisons. This is not new and this will keep on happening until we are Free.

To our brother John Graham, keep on fighting, stay strong.

Warriors Unite. Free Leonard Peltier.

In the Spirit of Resistance,
Secwepemc Native Youth Movement


Native Resistance is Considered Criminal

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“Indian people are being attacked and murdered on our reservations… yet no one is being called a criminal in the courts for the commission of these crimes.

“White society is responsible for the mercury dumped into lakes in Eastern Canada out of which come the fish our Ojibway brothers and sisters must eat to live.

“Yet, if we eat the fish we will die. The courts have not yet named the criminal who has dumped this mercury. But I know that the criminal is white society.

“When colonial white society invades and occupies our territories, these are not called criminal acts. But when the native people stand up and resist, these acts are considered criminal.”

– Leonard Peltier, Warrior of the Ojibway and Lakota nations and the American Indian Movement

[Quote from Leonard Peltier’s statement to the BC Supreme Court in his defense against extradition to the USA, published in the Vancouver Sun, May 14, 1976, “Peltier defence a plea for all Indians”]


Leonard Peltier being extradited from Vancouver, Canada, to the USA, December 1976


If I Don’t Cooperate

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I remember Dave Price and Bill Wood, the two FBI agents, telling me about Anna Mae Aquash. Dave described her body to me. He said from what he had heard she had been burnt and her clothes put back on her and that after her clothes were put back on she was shot… he showed me pictures of the body and said that if I don’t cooperate this is what may happen to me… the two FBI agents constantly reminded me of what happened to Anna Mae Aquash. And every so often the FBI agents showed me pictures of Anna Mae Aquash’s body and I was really scared… Bill Wood said that all the way along he knew that the body found on Pine Ridge was Anna Mae’s body but that he had had her hands severed from her body and sent to Washington for identification and to verify his own observations.

– Myrtle Poor Bear

[Quote from May 11, 1977 affidavit of Myrtle Poor Bear stating that her previous affidavits against Leonard Peltier were false and signed under duress as a result of FBI coercion and intimidation]